21 Years of Excellent Building and Property Maintenance Service

It’s not easy to survive and thrive in the modern business environment. Most industries are highly competitive so only companies that provide excellent quality services can endure for a long time. We at PFG have survived for 21 years in the building and property maintenance service industry despite heavy competition and several changes in the business world.

21 years in business

We started out with a simple goal; our company wanted to be a one-stop destination for construction, redecoration, refurbishment, and 24-hour maintenance. We wanted to be a brand that customers could trust and rely on. Over the past two decades, we have achieved these goals and done so much more. Our team has worked on government, public, leisure, and private projects. We have maintained schools, government buildings, as well as offices.

At PFG, we’re always on time and on budget. Our company is also committed to customer service and satisfaction. It is this commitment that has helped us thrive in the industry for many years.

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