Bromley Kent Bollard

Properties Facilities Group is a leading company in the refurbishment and renovation industry and we cater to both, commercial and residential clients. While we do handle large-scale, complex projects and exterior and interior construction works, many clients approach us for smaller installation and repair works too; and we are more than happy to help.

We recently completed some small works for a management company in Bromley Kent. The bollards on the pavement close to the curb had become unstable and our maintenance team efficiently handled the repair work. The base around the bollards was dug out, the features were re-positioned and set firmly in concrete. We completed these works quickly and cost-efficiently for our client and the bollards are now standing stably in their original spots.

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Winner of 5 Master Builder awards and backed by over 25 years of trade experience, Property Facilities Group offer an industry leading and truly ‘tailor-made’ building and property maintenance service.
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