Bromley South High Street- Loading Bay Area Resurfacing

Properties Facilities Group recently completed a project on a commercial property in Bromley South High Street. The area just outside the loading point had suffered wear and tear over time. The tarmac had deteriorated and become damaged at a few places too. The client needed the surface repair work done and the area to be made more functional. This is the process we followed:

  • Our team cut out the old and damaged car park tarmac and levelled the area well.
  • We prepped the complete area loading bay.
  • We then re-tarmacked the space.
  • Once the surface was ready, we white-lined the 30m2 loading bay area.

The area now looks neat and clean and the marking lines are clearly visible even from a distance. For information on our services, please call Properties Facilities Group at 0207 627 7670 or contact us via this online form.

bromley-south-high-street-PFG-1 bromley-south-high-street-PFG-2 bromley-south-high-street-PFG-3

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