Properties Facilities Group completed a project for Lambeth Council. The park keepers outbuilding on this property located in Streatham Common needed to be revamped and converted into a new office space and café. Our team carried out various tasks and completed the jobs to a high standard.

We completed this project professionally, efficiently, using the best quality materials and workmanship. The job was completed on time and within the client’s budget.

Project Details

Project Client: Park Keepers

Contract Period: 4 Weeks

Works: The structure was sturdy but the exteriors need to be spruced up, repaired and painted.
The indoor spaces required some minor repairs
We designed and installed new cabinetry.
In-built storage additions were done in specific spots.
Painting of all the indoor spaces.
The new office area was designed and planned as per client requirements
The wash room areas were renovated as well.
Doors and windows were repaired.
The older grills were replaced with smart, new ones.

Park-Keepers-Outbuilding-Conversion1 Park-Keepers-Outbuilding-Conversion2 Park-Keepers-Outbuilding-Conversion3 Park-Keepers-Outbuilding-Conversion4 Park-Keepers-Outbuilding-Conversion5 Park-Keepers-Outbuilding-Conversion6 Park-Keepers-Outbuilding-Conversion7 Park-Keepers-Outbuilding-Conversion8 Park-Keepers-Outbuilding-Conversion9 Park-Keepers-Outbuilding-Conversion10 Park-Keepers-Outbuilding-Conversion11 Park-Keepers-Outbuilding-Conversion12 Park-Keepers-Outbuilding-Conversion13

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