Custom Renovation Work at 6 Almhouses

Properties Facilities Group has been at the forefront of the remodelling and renovation space for a very long time now. We handle projects for a diverse range of clients.

The project

One of the latest projects we handled was for 6 Almhouses managed by a local charity. At this site we completed a number of renovation tasks such as:

  • Complete external and internal refurbishment of 6 different Almhouses
  • New conservatories were designed and installed
  • Complete installation of new services
  • Flooring design and installation
  • Renovation of bathrooms and kitchens
  • New drainage system installation with renewal of the main drain run
  • Oak planters were crafted and installed in the rear of the property
  • New paving in the outdoor spaces
  • Decorative elements were fitted to match the tenants’ requirements

The project was completed professionally efficiently, within the committed timeframe and the client’s budget. This property now has a very appealing and spruced-up appearance. Not only were high-grade materials used in the work, but skilled and experienced craftsmen and technicians were deployed in the project and every space now has a well-finished  look. At Properties Facilities Group, we handle small and big refurbishments for residential and commercial clients. Call us with your requirement today!

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