Edgeware Roof Refurbishment

Properties Facilities Group has always been at the fore of the industry, providing excellent interior and exterior refurbishment solutions to clients across the region. We recently completed a roof renovation project on a large property in Edgeware. The roof had become dated and old and needed a complete revamp.

We carried out a number of different works such as:

  • Removal of existing tiles and flashing
  • Removal of damaged wooden framework batons
  • Cleaning and removal of debris from the entire roof
  • Replacement of lead sheets
  • Repairing existing sheet joints and sections that had deteriorated/suffered damage
  • Replacement of slate tiles

Our client was very keen on getting this project completed before Christmas. Our team worked efficiently and diligently and we are happy to say that we completed the project by that deadline.

For bespoke construction and refurbishment services, feel free to call Properties Facilities Group with your requirement today!

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