The Forestry Commission Bungalow

Properties Facilities Group is a full-service refurbishment and renovation company that has been catering to commercial and residential customers for a number of years now. Werecently completed refurbishment of a detached timber constructed bungalow located near the New Forest, for The Forestry Commission. The project involved various services such as insulation, civil, carpentry, electrical, masonry etc.  Our experts carried out a number of different tasks that included:

•    Upgrading the walls and roof insulation
•    Redesigning and renovating and kitchen and bathroom
•    Redecoration of thefireplace
•    Floor finishing
•    Installation of a megaflow
•    Complete rewiring of the property

We worked very closely with the client, to understand what their specific needs are and the budget they are working on. The best materials and craftsmanship were used in the work. The bungalow now looks spruced-up and is ready for occupancy. While we focus on providing high-quality services, there is never any compromise on quality. For all types of property refurbishment services, call Properties Facilities Group today.

1. Kitchen 2. Utility room 3. Utility 2 4. Hallway 5. Lounge (2) 6. Front of property 7. Kitchen (Before)
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