Guildford Exterior Brick Washing Services

Brick is a very popular choice for exterior walls of structures and well-laid brick lends a classic look to any building. However, these features can become dirty, grimy, stained and stained, or discoloured, over time, causing them tolose this classic look. We at Properties Facilities Grouprecently completed a brick jet wash cleaning project on the property of a client in Guildford.

While the structure was well-maintained, age and factors like pollution had taken their toll and impacted the appearance of the building’s façade.  Our skilled team used the latest jet-washing equipment to thoroughly clean all the brick and concrete surfaces on the front of this building, giving it a clean and fresh look.

This method is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to spruce-up the look of dull and dated building exteriors. For any property refurbishment requirements, call Properties Facilities Group today.

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