PFG At The Lord Mayors Show

T11.his year, The Lord Mayor’s Show will be held in 12.November on the 10th and the new mayor will be appointed. The Mercer’s company has engaged the services of Properties Facilities Group with the job of handling the maintenance, display and exterior protection works of the main buildings.

This is undoubtedly one of the grandest events held in the city and we understand that every building needs to look spruced up and great at this time. In addition to carrying out the external maintenance works, our team will also be handling installation of all the event banners. They also help with various other pre-preparation work required to ensure the buildings are ready for the event.

We at Properties Facilities Group, handle all types of residential and commercial building maintenance and refurbishment projects for clients and our team can manage works of any scale and complexity. Call us with your requirement today!


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