PFG’s Project at Eros House

We at Properties Facilities Group handle all types of commercial and residential refurbishment works. We are known for our high-quality services and skilled personnel. Our company has just completed a CCTV room refurbishment project for the Lewisham Council CCTV headquarters at Eros House. Our team completed:

  • Refurbishment of walls and ceilings
  • Wall framing, electrical and CCTV cabling works
  • Floor carpeting installation
  • Painting

The work was completed within record time, using top quality materials and the best craftsmanship. The entire project was planned down to the last detail after comprehensive discussions with our client.

The final finishing and touch-up was carried out expertly and the space now dons a very modern and spruced-up look. For information on our services, feel free to call Properties Facilities Group on 0207 627 7670 or contact us via this online form with your requirement today and we will revert shortly.

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