PFG’s Stripout Project in Surbiton

Properties Facilities Group is currently completing a stripout project on a property in Surbiton. This house was almost completely destroyed in a fire and is in a very precarious condition.  We have expedited stripout works on this structure and our team is working very safely and efficiently at the site. Some of the tasks included in the strip out include:

  • Dismantling what remains of the roof framework
  • Clearing all the debris and collapsed masonry
  • Removal of burnt columns and beams
  • Clearing all the damaged furniture, features and brickwork
  • Removal of all the flooring and other woodwork

We are working very closely with the owner and have ensured that the work is being carried out as per their schedules and requirement. The works will be completed shortly so that the new construction can be commenced without delay. For information on our services, feel free to call Properties Facilities Group on 0207 627 7670 or contact us via this online form with your requirement today!

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