Refurbishment Of 4 Bedroom Property At Ringwood Road, Hampton

Properties Facilities Group recently completed the total refurbishment of a 4-bedroom property for a local charity at Ringwood Road, Hampton, Twickenham. This project involved several services since every area of the property had to be revamped. The different works we completed included:

  • Hardwood flooring
  • Wall repair and painting
  • Ceiling fixes and painting
  • Kitchen countertops and cabinetry
  • Backsplash installation
  • Installation of kitchen chimney
  • Plumbing in kitchen
  • Carpentry work
  • Exterior repairs and painting
  • Roof guttering repairs
  • Entryway, hallway and stair repairs and refurbishment
  • Electrical works
  • Skylight repairs and painting in the kitchen

The job was completed in record time using high-quality materials and craftsmanship. We made sure that the client’s needs were kept in view while designing and installing various features. For information on our services, please call Properties Facilities Group at 0207 627 7670 or contact us via this online form.

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